The EPL Summer Transfer Window officially Opens

By Adegboye Oluwadunsin

The Summer transfer window opened today Friday, 10th of June with any completed deals made between this date and 30th of June set to go through on 1st of July.

Other leagues windows like La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A would open on July 1st, 2022

The transfer window will be closed on September 1st 2022. Premier League clubs have until 11pm on 1st of September, 2022. While France’s deadline is 11.59pm on 1st September, meaning clubs in Ligue 1 and below can still acquire players from the Premier League and other leagues past the selling/loaning club’s deadline. Six other countries also have a deadline passed the Premier League deadline with Mexico (5th September), Russia and Turkey (8th September), Greece (15th September), Portugal (22nd September) and Australia (18th October) all able to sign players from other leagues until these dates.

Clubs in all leagues will still be able to sign players as free agents after the deadline, and as long as they are not officially attached to any club on Monday, 1st September.

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