Midweeksocca Champions League

This is one of our oldest events as the weekly event brings about the best players and teams within a specific geographical location to display, express and enjoy the aside game.
This is the first of its kind in which the system generates a team for you instead of the traditional i1 i2.
This event occurs during the week and gives a reawakening to the mental strength of participant during a long week especially the working class

Midweeksocca has become a huge success at a very early stage pulling about 185 youths on an average in the course of the event. This event has a befitting league at the end of each month which is called the champions league ie The “Midweeksocca Champions League”. This is strictly for known and registered members

MidweekSocca also birthed the most engaging and exciting league of the Midweeksocca calendar year, “Midweeksocca August Visitors League”. It happens once a year in the month of August and like the name implies, known and registered members can come with total strangers for the league either as a team mate or as a team.