The Nations league qualifiers for next year’s tournament slated for Ivory Coast from June to July saw it’s first round of matches kicking off as teams begin to find their stride as the 52 countries battle for the 24 spots heading to the 34th Edition of Africa’s biggest football event.

Scattered amongst 12 groups (A-L), we make a look at what the tables look like after two round of matches;


The highlight from these groups has to be Nigeria’s remarkable 10-0 win over Sao Tome to make it 2 wins out of and at least 2 points ahead of second placed Guinea-Bissau while Sierra Leone still looks for her first victory.

Group B sees Burkina Faso in a clutch position as 2 consecutive wins see them at least 3 points ahead of Cape Verde, Togo and Eswatini as Group B takes shape.

In Group C, Cameroon stands supreme as they lead the early proceedings in a group that also has Namibia, Burundi and Kenya with qualification looking highly likely for the hosts of the penultimate tournament.


Group D poses a tricky start for each team with 1 win and 1 loss for all teams seeing Ethiopia, Malawi, Guinea and bottom placed Egypt all share 3 points each in the early stages of qualifying.

Ghana and Angola both started off with 4 points apiece with a win and a draw over Central African Republic and Madagascar the perfect start for them with the next clash between both teams meaning an early group decider

Group F sees Algeria proving his might with two wins out of two and an early four point lead over Niger Republic who they face next, Tanzania and Uganda are still trying to find their foot with a point apiece for both teams.


Mali had started in the best possible way in Group G with two wins and a +6gd difference signalling a perfect kick start of their objectives for qualification for Ivory Coast 2023 Leaving Congo, Gambia and South Sudan in their wake.

Ivory Coast sits top of Group H in style with opening match with Guinea resulting in a draw followed by a resounding 3-0 win over Rwanda to give them an edge. Zambia, Comoros and Lesotho would fight for the remaining spot.

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Probably the trickiest of all groups is Group I with 1 point the only difference between Mauritania, Gabon and Sudan with DR Congo still left with no points with a further 4 match game haul offering a chance at retribution for ‘The Leopards’.


Tunisia, Equatorial Guinea, Libya and Botswana make up Group J with each team having at least a point and a three point gap difference between 1st and 4th shows it would be more or less a tug of war between the teams.

The disqualification on all football events by FIFA to Zimbabwe made it a three man affair in Group K with Morocco already in full swing with 2 wins and a 6 point advantage over South Africa and Liberia a delight.

World Cup entrants and Africa’s best team Senegal currently lead proceedings in Group L with a 2 match winning streak earning them a 2 point advantage over Mozambique with Rwanda and Benin needing to do much work in the next matches to revive any other hopes of qualifying.

It’s still early but there may already be a few right guesses as Africa’s best slug it out to for the Showbiz with Kenya and Zimbabwe missing out due to a ban on both teams by FIFA….


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